HackOn 14-15-16 July 2017

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HackOn FAQ

Where is ADM?

ADM is at hornweg 6 on the edge of Amsterdam, a few kilometers from Sloterdijk station

How do I get there?

There is no public transport directly to ADM, the closest stop is about 4km away. Its easiest to arrive by car or bike or ask someone to pick you up from the bus stop or station.

We will self-organise a shuttle service, There are lots of people coming by car and we ask every driver to consider picking up people on your way to hackon, and/or to drop off your things where you want to camp and make some runs to pickup carless fellow hackers. We ask you to register yourself with phone number and license plate at the entrance so we can contact you in case we need you!

Pickup place is the Kiss+Ride at Station Sloterdijk.

For carless people: exit station sloterdijk through the exit next to Starbucks. Walk on until you hit the Kiss+Ride zone at Radarweg. You can call +31 6 84 14 89 55 to inquire about pickup and we will try to organise it. It can be we try to wait a little bit longer to fill up a car. We also cannot guarantee anything! Try bring an A4 or cardboard with 'HackOn' marked on it, and put yourself and your sign clearly visible at the pickup point.

For drivers: driver to radarweg and access the Kiss+Ride zone. Pickup on your way to hackon: hang an A4 with 'HackOn' clearly visible on a car window, maybe park and look around for a minute. Pickup after arrival at hackon: we provide A4's with 'HackOn' printed on.

For everyone involved, the orga number for shuttle service is +31 6 84 14 89 55

Are there supermarkets nearby?

The nearest supermarket is the Spar at Sloterdijk station some 6.6km away. We will have on site food options for most of the festival days (at extra cost). There are also some bars on site. Best to come prepared.

Lost and found

If you find items that appear lonely, first ask around you, if nobody answers, please leave item at the bar and inform people running the bar.

What is the cost of the event?

The exact cost is unclear at the point of writing, but our aim will be between 0 and 20 euros, most likely around 13.37 euros for the entire festival (including camping).

Food (vegetarian/vegan) will be available at some extra cost but needs a reservation. On the Friday and Saturday Rampenplan Collective will be cooking, cost is 10 euro per person per day for breakfast+lunch+dinner. On Sunday we hope to have some food options too.

How/When/Where do I pay?

Payment will be on site in cash. Perhaps some people will offer to accept cryptocurrency and pay for you in cash.

Will there be coffee?

Rampenplan will provide coffee and tea throughout the day.

I dont have enough money for the arranged food, are there other options?

If you cant afford food, please let us know, nobody should be left hungry.

How can I volunteer?

Everyone is a volunteer, by attending you are expected to participate.

For more info about volunteering see the HR pad.

Can i support this awesome location?

You can sign this petition: https://adm.amsterdam/petition

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